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Jeremy B. Warner

UC Berkeley, Computer Science, PhD

My research involves HCI, graphics, and computer vision. I’m advised by Björn Hartmann and part of the Berkeley AI Research Lab and the Berkeley Institute of Design. I’ve also interned and collaborated with researchers at Apple, Adobe, and Autodesk. I graduated from the University of Rochester where I worked with Wendi Heinzelman and Philip Guo.

Thesis: Enhancing Visual Media Through Reflection and Recomposition
Committee: Björn Hartmann, Alexei Efros, Marti Hearst, Valentina Shin

My dissertation works to automatically and interactively transfer styles and layouts across vector graphics via design correspondence. I also published research in electronics prototyping and computing education during my PhD.

Profile of Jeremy
  • Interactive Flexible Style Transfer for Vector Graphics
    Jeremy Warner, Kyu Won Kim, Björn Hartmann
    Details / PDF / UIST 2023

  • Interactively Optimizing Layout Transfer for Vector Graphics
    Jeremy Warner, Shuyao Zhou, Björn Hartmann
    Details / PDF / ICML AI-HCI Workshop 2023

  • SlideSpecs: Automatic and Interactive Presentation Feedback Collation
    Jeremy Warner, Amy Pavel, Tonya Nguyen, Maneesh Agarwala, Björn Hartmann
    Details / PDF / IUI 2023

  • Graph Kernel Correspondences for Vector Graphics
    V. Shin, J. Warner, B. Hartmann, C. Gomes, H. Winnemoeller, W. Li
    Details / PDF / GI 2021

  • ElectroTutor: Test-Driven Physical Computing Tutorials
    Jeremy Warner, Ben Lafreniere, George Fitzmaurice, Tovi Grossman
    Details / PDF / UIST 2018

  • WiFröst: Bridging the Gap for IoT Debugging
    W. McGrath, J. Warner, M. Karchemsky, A. Head, D. Drew, B. Hartmann
    Details / PDF / UIST 2018

  • Student Perceptions of College Hackathons
    Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo
    Details / PDF / ICER 2017

  • CodePilot: Scaffolding Online Novice Developer Collaboration
    Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo
    Details / PDF / CHI 2017


Grad Coursework




  • Google-BAIR Commons Research Grant (info) Spring 2023
  • UC Berkeley EECS Departmental Fellowship Spring 2022
  • Outstanding Reviews (3x for CHI 2021-23 Papers) Spring 2023
  • Highly Useful Reviews (2x for UIST 2022 Papers) Spring 2022
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (HM) Spring 2017
  • UR · Barnard Engineering Award Spring 2015
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Spring 2015
  • IEEE National PES Scholarship Fall 2014
  • Tau Beta Pi Honor Society Fall 2013


  • Program Committee, ICML AI/HCI Workshop (info) 2023
  • Organizing Committee, ACM UIST Conference 2023
  • Feature Editor, ACM XRDS Student Magazine 2019
  • Volunteer, ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee 2018
  • Reviewer, ICML Conference 2023
  • Reviewer, ACM UIST Conference 2018—23
  • Reviewer, ACM CHI Conference 2018—23
  • Reviewer, ACM CSCW Conference 2019—20
  • Reviewer, ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017, 22
  • Student Volunteer, ACM IUI Conference 2023
  • Student Volunteer, ACM CHI Conference 2017

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Updated June 2023