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I am currently at Autodesk in the UI Research group. I create and study human-computer interaction and computing education systems. I am a 2nd-year Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley in the EECS department, advised by Björn Hartmann. I work in the Berkeley Institute of Design and the ACE Lab. In undergrad, I worked with Wendi Heinzelman and Philip Guo at the University of Rochester.

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research experience

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University of California, Berkeley Aug. 2016 -

Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of Rochester May 2016

M.Sc. in Computer Science

University of Rochester May 2015

B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduated cum laude with high distinction


Bifröst: Visualizing and Checking Behavior of Embedded Systems across Hardware and Software. Will McGrath, Daniel Drew, Jeremy Warner, Majeed Kazemitabaar, Mitchell Karchemsky, David Mellis, Björn Hartmann. ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology [UIST], 2017. Examining How College Hackathons Are Perceived By Student Attendees and Non-Attendees. Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo. ACM International Computing Education Research conference [ICER], 2017.

CodePilot: Scaffolding End-to-End Collaborative Software Development for Novice Programmers. Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [CHI], 2017.

CodePilot: Real Time Collaborative Programming with Asynchronous Version Control Support. Jeremy B. Warner. Master of Science thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, 2016.

Toward a Domain-Specific Visual Discussion Forum for Learning Computer Programming: An Empirical Study of a Popular MOOC Forum. Joyce Zhu, Jeremy Warner, Mitchell Gordon, Jeffery White, Renan Zanelatto, Philip J. Guo. IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing [VL/HCC], 2015.

How High School, College, and Online Students Differentially Engage with an Interactive Digital Textbook. Jeremy Warner, John Doorenbos, Bradley N. Miller, Philip J. Guo. International Conference on Educational Data Mining [EDM], 2015.

MH-REACH-Mote: Supporting Multi-hop Passive Radio Wake-up for Wireless Sensor Network. Li Chen, Jeremy Warner, Wendi Heinzelman, Ilker Demirkol. IEEE International Conference on Communications [ICC], 2015.

REACH2-Mote: A range extending passive wake-up wireless sensor node. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. Li Chen, Wendi Heinzelman, Jeremy Warner, Pak Lam Yung, Dawei Zhou, Ilker Demirkol, Ufuk Muncuk, Kaushik Chowdhury, and Stefano Basagni. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks [TOSN], 2015.

posters and presentations

BiFröst, a tool for debugging embedded systems. William McGrath, Jeremy Warner, Björn Hartmann. Stanford Secure Internet of Things Project, 2017.

Debugging on the Hardware-Software Boundary with Salami. William McGrath, Jeremy Warner, Daniel Drew, David Mellis, Bjoern Hartmann. Terraswarm Annual Conference, 2016.

A Large-Scale Study of Interactive Digital Textbook Usage. Jeremy Warner, Philip Guo. University of Rochester Undergraduate Research Expo, 2015. Awarded the Dean's Award for Engineering & Applied Sciences Research.

professional service

  • Student Volunteer, ACM CHI Conference 2017
  • Reviewer, ACM Creativity & Cognition (C&C) 2017


Björn Hartmann UC Berkeley
William McGrath Stanford
David Mellis Autodesk, Berkeley
Daniel Drew UC Berkeley
Majeed Kazemitabaar HCIL UMD
Mitchell Karchemsky UC Berkeley
Philip J. Guo UCSD, Rochester
Mitchell Gordon Stanford, Rochester
Joyce Zhu Rochester
Wendi Heinzelman Rochester
Bradley N. Miller Luther College
Kaushik Chowdhury Northeastern
Ilker Demirkol Catalunia
Li Chen Apple, Rochester

technical skills

Programming Languages: Ruby, C, Python, Javascript, R, Bash, C++, SQL, Perl, Java. Hardware Experience: Oculus Rift, Arduino, RPi, Particle, PCB design, SMD soldering. Development Tools: Git / Hg, Unix CLI tools, Eagle, Travis CI, Heroku, Adobe CS.

work experience

Autodesk Research Intern Jan. 2018 -

Advised by Tovi Grossman and Ben Lafreniere.

EECS Graduate Student Researcher Aug. 2016 -

Advised by Professor Björn Hartmann.

ROC HCI Researcher Aug. 2014 - May 2016

Rochester Human Computer Interaction Group, with Professor Philip Guo. Worked in UW Seattle and Microsoft Seattle offices in summer 2015.

Engineering Intern, Teradyne Summer 2014

Developed tools to upgrade large-scale semiconductor tests. Presented new tools at the annual company testing conference.

WCNG Researcher Jan. 2013 - May 2014

Wireless Communications and Networking Group, with Professor Wendi Heinzelman. Set up a wireless control system to augment RFID node performance testing. Participated in the NSF’s REU program.

teaching experience

CS 160 Head GSI, User Interface Design and Development Fall 2017

Taught at UC Berkeley with John Tang.

ECE 112 TA, Logic Design Spring 2013,14,15

Taught at the University of Rochester with Professor Victor Derefinko. Collaborated with professor to plan and run lab sessions, graded lab student reports and homework, and ran exam review sessions.

ECE 230 TA, Electromagnetic Waves Fall 2014

Taught at the University of Rochester with Professor Roman Sobolweski. Coordinated and ran student lab sessions, and graded lab reports.


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention March 2017
  • Barnard Engineering Award April 2015
    Annually awarded to eight seniors in the Hajim School of Engineering that demonstrate good personal qualities and high achievement.
  • CS Games 2015 Finalist March 2015
    Placed 5/30 overall. Databases, operating systems, and embedded competitions.
  • Alice D. Simone Award Jan. 2015
    Awarded to six out of nearly 3,000 eligible students. This award is presented to students whose contributions to co-curricular life at the University have strengthened community spirit and involvement.
  • IEEE National Power and Energy Society Scholarship Oct. 2014
  • IEEE Rochester Section Scholarship April 2014
  • University of Rochester Dean’s Scholarship June 2011

honor societies

  • Phi Beta Kappa Spring 2015
  • Tau Beta Pi Fall 2013
  • Golden Key Fall 2013

course work


  • NEECS Fundamentals of Engineering Jan. 2015
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, NY Board.


UR Men’s Rowing Team 2011 - 2015

Competed at regattas all across the eastern coast, including racing in the V4+ at the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) National Championships, and was named to the All-Academic Team in 2014/15.

UR IEEE, President, Elected 2014 - 2015

Elected Vice President 2013 - 2014. Organized events of interest to students in ECE/AME (guitar pedal projects, soldering lessons). Attended student leadership conference in Newark, NJ. Helped build user base, and began collaboration with similar clubs (CSUG, WRUR, Robotics).

Computer Science Undergraduate Group 2014 - 2015
Urban Exploring Club, President, Elected 2012 - 2015

Planned and ran excursions into Rochester. Trips included Rochester Subway, Artisan Works, Times Square and Sibley Building. Worked with ArtAwake organizers to interview directors, and locate event site. Helped organize revival of Wild Goose Chase, the Wilson Day scavenger hunt.


While I truly enjoy imagining and making things, I also strive to make things that help others make things, and understand what they are making. I am concerned with both the context of how makers get to make and exactly who gets to make. I want to invent tools that address issues in current processes while maintaining awareness of my situated position and perspective inside this domain. Broadly speaking, I am inspired by a shift from consumerism to creator-centric exploration and the related democratization of technology. I was born and raised in sunny eastern Long Island, NY. I enjoy playing guitar, running, bouldering, and home-brewing beer. In Rochester, my favorite diner was James Brown’s Place (which I miss dearly), and I never ate a garbage plate. When it wasn’t snowing, I could often be found in a shell on the Genesee River pushing water around (and, sometimes when it was snowing). Since moving to California, I’ve been biking more actively, playing on Cal’s club ultimate frisbee team, Thugmo, and eating burritos at a fairly considerable frequency (just consider).