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Jeremy Warner

I am a Research Scientist at Apple.

I completed my CS PhD in 2023 at UC Berkeley.

Research areas: HCI, graphics, computer vision.

Thesis: Enhancing Visual Media Through Reflection and Recomposition, video
Committee: Björn Hartmann (advisor), Alexei Efros, Marti Hearst, Valentina Shin
Groups: Berkeley AI Research Lab and the Berkeley Institute of Design

  • Generating Automatic Feedback on UI Mockups with Large Language Models
    Peitong Duan, Jeremy Warner, Yang Li, Björn Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] CHI 2024

  • Rambler: Supporting Writing With Speech via LLM-Assisted Gist Manipulation
    Susan Lin, Jeremy Warner, J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira, Matthew G. Lee, Sauhard Jain, Michael Xuelin Huang, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Shanqing Cai, Shumin Zhai, Björn Hartmann, Can Liu
    [Details] [PDF] CHI 2024

  • Interactive Flexible Style Transfer for Vector Graphics
    Jeremy Warner, Kyu Won Kim, Björn Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] UIST 2023

  • Interactively Optimizing Layout Transfer for Vector Graphics
    Jeremy Warner, Shuyao Zhou, Björn Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] ICML AI-HCI Workshop 2023

  • SlideSpecs: Automatic and Interactive Presentation Feedback Collation
    Jeremy Warner, Amy Pavel, Tonya Nguyen, Maneesh Agarwala, Björn Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] IUI 2023

  • Graph Kernel Correspondences for Vector Graphics
    V. Shin, J. Warner, B. Hartmann, C. Gomes, H. Winnemoeller, W. Li
    [Details] [PDF] GI 2021

  • ElectroTutor: Test-Driven Physical Computing Tutorials
    Jeremy Warner, Ben Lafreniere, George Fitzmaurice, Tovi Grossman
    [Details] [PDF] UIST 2018

  • WiFröst: Bridging the Gap for IoT Debugging
    W. McGrath, J. Warner, M. Karchemsky, A. Head, D. Drew, B. Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] UIST 2018

  • MatchSticks: Woodworking through Improvisational Digital Fabrication
    Rundong Tian, Ethan Chiou, Sarah Sterman, Jeremy Warner, Eric Paulos
    [Details] [PDF] CHI 2018 · Honorable Mention

  • Bifröst: Visualizing Embedded Systems Behavior across Hardware and Software
    W. McGrath, D. Drew, J. Warner, M. Kazemitabaar, M. Karchemsky, D. Mellis, B. Hartmann
    [Details] [PDF] UIST 2017

  • Student Perceptions of College Hackathons
    Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo
    [Details] [PDF] ICER 2017

  • CodePilot: Scaffolding Online Novice Developer Collaboration
    Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Guo
    [Details] [PDF] CHI 2017

  • Domain-Specific Visual Discussion Forums for Learning Programming
    Joyce Zhu, Jeremy Warner, Mitchell Gordon, Jeffery White, Renan Zanelatto, Philip J. Guo
    [Details] [PDF] VL/HCC 2015

  • Differential Student Engagement with an Interactive Digital Textbook
    Jeremy Warner, John Doorenbos, Bradley Miller, Philip J. Guo
    [PDF] EDM 2015

  • MH-REACH-Mote: Supporting Multi-hop Passive Radio Wake-up for Sensor Networks
    Li Chen, Jeremy Warner, Wendi Heinzelman, Ilker Demirkol
    [Details] [PDF] ICC 2015

  • REACH2-Mote: Range Extending Passive Wake-up Wireless Sensor Nodes
    Li Chen, J. Warner, P. Yung, D. Zhou, W. Heinzelman, I. Demirkol, U. Muncuk, K. Chowdhury, S. Basagni
    [Details] [PDF] TOSN 2015


Grad Coursework




  • Google-BAIR Commons Research Grant (info) Spring 2023
  • UC Berkeley EECS Departmental Fellowship Spring 2022
  • Outstanding Reviews (3x for CHI 2021-23 Papers) Spring 2023
  • Highly Useful Reviews (2x for UIST 2022 Papers) Spring 2022
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (HM) Spring 2017
  • UR · Barnard Engineering Award Spring 2015
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Spring 2015
  • IEEE National PES Scholarship Fall 2014
  • Tau Beta Pi Honor Society Fall 2013


  • Organizing Committee, ACM UIST Conference 2023—24
  • Program Committee, ICML AI/HCI Workshop 2023
  • Feature Editor, ACM XRDS Student Magazine 2019
  • Volunteer, ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee 2018
  • Reviewer, ICML Conference 2023
  • Reviewer, ACM CHI Conference 2018—24
  • Reviewer, ACM UIST Conference 2018—23
  • Reviewer, ACM CSCW Conference 2019—20
  • Reviewer, ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017, 22
  • Student Volunteer, ACM IUI Conference 2023
  • Student Volunteer, ACM CHI Conference 2017

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