Vector Layout Transfer

Interactively Optimizing Layout Transfer for Vector Graphics

International Conference on Machine Learning (AI-HCI Workshop) — ICML 2023 Vector Layout Transfer
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One of the most common ways to represent and share visual designs is with vector graphics. Designers working with vector graphics often explore layout alternatives and generate them by moving and resizing elements. The motivation for this can range from establishing a different visual flow, adapting a design to a different aspect ratio, standardizing spacing, or redirecting the design’s visual emphasis. Existing designs can serve as a source of inspiration for layout modification across these goals. However, generating these layout alternatives still requires significant manual effort in rearranging large groups of elements. We present VLT, short for Vector Layout Transfer, a novel graphic design tool that enables flexible transfer of layouts between designs. It provides designers with multiple levels of semantic layout editing controls, powered by automatic graphics correspondence and layout optimization algorithms.

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