Automatic and Interactive Presentation Feedback Collation

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces — IUI 2023 SlideSpecs


Presenters often collect audience feedback through practice talks to refine their presentations. In formative interviews, we find that although text feedback and verbal discussions allow presenters to receive feedback, organizing that feedback into actionable presentation revisions remains challenging. Feedback can be redundant, lack context, or be spread across various emails, notes, and conversations. To collate and contextualize both text and verbal feedback, we present SlideSpecs. SlideSpecs lets audience members provide text feedback (e.g., ‘font too small’) along with an automatically detected context, including relevant slides (e.g., Slide 7) or content tags (e.g., ‘slide design’). In addition, SlideSpecs records and transcribes the spoken group discussion that commonly occurs after practice talks and facilitates linking text critiques to their relevant discussion segments. Finally, SlideSpecs lets the presenter review all text and spoken feedback in a single context-rich interface (e.g., relevant slides, topics, and follow-up discussions). We demonstrate the effectiveness of SlideSpecs by applying it to a range of eight presentations across computer vision, programming notebooks, sensemaking, and more. When surveyed, 85% of presenters and audience members reported they would use the tool again. Presenters reported that using SlideSpecs improved feedback organization, provided valuable context, and reduced redundancy.


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