wampum glove


wireless aggregating multinode pulse monitor: a wireless network of heart rate monitors. wampum is a monitorable, semi-decentralized wireless network of low-power, low-cost heart rate monitoring nodes. It has a bracelet form factor, with a finger sensor, and uses photoplethysmography to detect pulses. Our targeted use case was medical emergency response teams that are looking to easily deploy a system to quickly monitor the condition of causalities of an emergency such as a natural disaster. Our senior capstone design project was completed to achieve a BS in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Rochester, and was advised by Prof. Heinzelman.


jae choi / eddie samuels / jeremy warner / ivy awuor


cli setup

Getting the port of the base station:

 $ make port >> ino.ini

Uploading code to the board:

 $ make up

Opening up a serial port:

 $ ino serial